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The Betson gambling website is just one of the many different online casinos that have blossomed overnight on the internet, and one could be forgiven for simply assuming that this is nothing more than another entry into an already very saturated market. After all, searching for online casinos or other such relevant terms in any self-respecting search engine will net you several hundred thousand returns, and each result will feature a website that promises you the world in order to get you to sign up with their services.

Given these facts then, why on earth should the online gambler seek to patron the Betson site rather than a competitor?

The owners and promoters of Betson have adopted a very simple but ultimately devastatingly powerful business maxim and this has gone a considerable way to ensuring that they have managed to triumph over their rivals. All the Betson owners have done is ensure that every aspect of their website from the selection of games, to the payout methods are designed to run as smoothly as possible, and with the maximum amount of benefit/lack of inconvenience for the customer. The end result? A professionally created, lovingly crafted, meticulously operated website that provides the user with a safe and enjoyable gambling experience whilst at the same time, ensuring that all of their tastes are catered for.

A major concern in the online casino industry has been that of security of the sensitive financial information of the consumers who sign up for the sites, and there has been considerable (and quite frankly, perfectly justifiable) fears about the danger of phishing, hacking and e-theft. Whenever data is sent over the internet, unless it is encrypted this means that the contents of it can be read and viewed by anyone. The actual degree of encryption will directly impact upon how secure the data being transferred actually is, and so if a weak encryption algorithm is utilised then this means that a criminal can crack the code quite quickly and therefore gain access to the sensitive information.

Encryption technology is costly, and so many online casinos when they were first founded, struggled to make ends meet and to meet the cost associated with this and so they cut corners in order to reduce their overheads. The end result? A financial processing system that was easily compromised and corrupted and which then resulted in a mass scale panic across the entire industry as to the threat of hackers.

In an attempt to streamline the security concerns as well as ensure that the consumer could see if they so wished, official documentation that a company was indeed legitimate and entitled to operate, a series of industry standards were devised. The Betson gambling website conforms to a number of these requirements, and perhaps one of the most commendable awards that the Betson website posses is a certification from the G4 group.

The G4 group or the 'Global Gambling Guidance Group' for those who are not industry experts, was a regulatory watchdog body which was established to act as a check and balance upon the exercise of the gambling websites, and to further ensure that they do not allow profiteering distract them from their moral obligation. The G4 group was founded with the specific mandate of ensuring that gambling websites would provide a sufficient degree of support for their members, to both treat and prevent gambling addictions from arising.

The G4 certification it should be noted is no paper tiger, nor is it a pretty badge that is awarded to any gambling website, only a gambling website that has shown a clear commitment to the protection and wellbeing of its members is granted it and therefore it carries a considerable amount of weight as to the credibility and integrity of the website fortunate enough to display it. As briefly touched upon earlier within the article, many people were concerned about the financial pay out methods adopted for the release and transfer of funds, and so another commendable aspect of the Betson website is that it is relies solely upon the usage of readily recognisable financial bodies such as Lloyd's TSB.

All casinos, whether they happen to be online or in physical, tangible form are designed to ensure that the house (professional jargon term for the casino) always enjoys the upper hand when it comes to the balance of odds. In real terms then, this means that in most situations, i.e. where you are competing against the casino then the odds are stacked in their favour. This is in order to ensure that they receive a healthy profit margin and is perfectly legal, as well as recognised as an industry standard of practise. That said, traditional casinos have had to contend with extremely stringent regulations to ensure that they do not cheat or stack the odds too firmly in their favour and there was a number of different regulations imposed in order to achieve this result.

There was a considerable amount of panic and suspicion whenever online casinos first came to forefront, for there seemed to be a genuine lack of transparency involved. Given that all of the games will be determined by computer programs which are relied upon by the casino, it seemed that there would be no way to prevent corrupt practises from rearing their ugly heads. Members could in theory, find their accounts suspended for minor infractions (whether real or fabricated) and their money then duly siphoned off.

These issues were legitimate, and so a considerable amount of energy was devoted to tackle them directly at the source. Firstly, as a specific requirement of practise, the online casinos would not be permitted to use software which they themselves had made, nor hired someone to create. Instead, they would be required to rely upon the services of a narrow range of software developers who had been licensed and accredited by the gambling commission to conduct such work.

Betson have went one step further, not only do they rely upon software which has been created only by a licensed software development company, but they have also voluntarily submitted themselves to a monthly audit. The random number generator software used by Betson is checked thoroughly and inspected. To those of you who are wary of such results, and think that it is little more than a rubber stamp exercise, there is a considerable amount of evidence used to compare the results of the website. You see, the website MUST keep a tally of all the outcomes for every single match, game and tournament that ever took on it.

These results are then compared against a carefully created statistical list which will contain the number of averages for each of the various outcomes. If there is a significant deviation or discrepancy between the two set of results, then this will merit further investigation. One can only assume that the operation of the website will need to shut down for the duration of any such investigation and therefore this serves as an excellent indication as to the reliability of the website. This is because it is in their best interests to ensure that everything is transparent, that the executive officers are fully accountable to the relevant parties, and that meticulous records are duly kept.

It is important that we do not perceive the Betson website as a dictatorship where big brother tactics are employed to intimidate and harass the player. Whilst there can be no denying that these methods are designed either actively or passively to ensure that the profits are not adversely affected (to too much a degree), there are also there to ensure that the players have a good time. The anti cheating security measures that are enforced for the site are designed to ensure that the harmony and pleasurable nature of the site will not be undermined due to the machinations of a sneaky cheater.

Many players are perturbed by the presence of the 'ICU Intelligence' program on the website, and this it should be noted is a anti cheating device which records the details of all of the outcomes of all of the matches played. In addition, it will also record the movements of the players, and record how they play the cards they are dealt with.

Understandably, there will be some who feel resentful at this gross intrusion of their privacy, but as noted earlier on within the article, this is not intended as a punitive measure, nor is it designed for the casino to steal your details. The results recorded for the games in progress will be closely monitored and compared against a list of statistical results to identify any anomalies which may require further attention. If you are still unconvinced by the presence of the nanny program, perhaps the following piece of information will sway your opinion then. Online poker bots, designed specifically to steal and con as much money as possible from the victims, will always go for the easiest marks and the weakest prey. In real terms, that means that novice, inexperienced players who are trying out online poker for the very first time in their lives will be the group most likely to be abused, and victimised in this manner.

This is doubly unpleasant because not only will they be less likely to recognise when someone is cheating or is relying upon a computer program to do it for them, but they will also probably be so traumatised that they will simply refuse point blank to even play the game, period. This then means that the pool of available players is significantly diminished as a direct result, and this is in no ones best interests.

Many players claim that these anti cheating measures are simply used to weed out and expel players who are very lucky, or very skilled because they are costing the website money. In reality, these programs are used only to detect courses of actions that simply cannot be realistically achieved by a human being.

Speaking of the pool of available players, it is important to note that Betson website also includes upwards of 18 million different players from across the globe meaning that you are bound to find a game at any time you so desire, and even more importantly, that you will be able to meet players of your skill base. After all, if you are just starting out in the game of poker, why on earth would you pit yourself against the top ranking players in the world? It would be a massacre!

The website offers a range of different games, and as is to be expected, there is the provision of an online casino within the website. At the risk of belabouring the point, the Betson website really does place the needs of its customers at the top of the list of priorities and this is evidenced by virtue of the total confidentiality provision which is in place.

Under this rule, irrespective of the grounds for someone looking to find out more information about your profile, the casino will not release any information until it is totally satisfied that you have consented to the requirements.

Another notable aspect of the online casino with the Betson website is that they use the random number generator irrespective of whether it is 'fun' money that is being wagered or whether it is actual hard currency that is being gambled. This is further evidence of the strong commitment that the website has to ensuring that its customers have as good a time as possible as well as their commitment to ensuring that they maintain a transparent working practise at all times. Rather handily, there is also the inclusion of the payout rates for each of the different items, meaning that the customer can see at a mere glance, what their chances of winning/recouping their loses happen to be.

Betson also differs from other rival online casinos due to one very important variable: it actually allows the gamblers to bet and bid against one another. This was a risky move, and a considerable gamble and there were a number of rival websites that were quick to cast the finger of doubt over the move, claiming that it would be the end of the site.

After all, no one likes to lose money, and therefore the website moving in and having to make a final decision during the formal arbitration process seemed like an administrative nightmare. Even industry experts were somewhat bemused by this new direction that the Betson website had decided to adopt, but it seems that all of their careful planning has paid off, and very handsomely may I add.

Another nifty feature of the Betson website is that they provide demo versions of a number of their games, which means that players can sign up, get a feel for what the game is like and just what actually is involved and required of them which in turn means they don't need to waste hard earned cash on a game they are not too confident with. Once you have developed your playing strategy, once you feel a little more confident about what is actually required of you, then you will be able to really enjoy yourself.

Betson has won the affection of gamblers across the world and the unbridled fury of competiting online casinos across the world because it has offered significantly more generous odds than other casinos. You maybe a little cynical as to why the Betson webmasters would be reducing their own profit margins in such a blatant manner? Very simple: with the amount of good will they build up with their customers, this means that there is a major amount of positive publicity earned and best of all? This is achieved with no need for costly marketing budgets!

You have to hand it to the Betson owners, they sure know how to reward loyalty and instil devotion among their fan base and this plainly evidenced by virtue of the fact that they allocate points to players whenever they play a game in the site. The more you play, the more points you accumulate and most will also get access to all of the nifty features of the website. You will get bigger discounts, faster payout rates, and be privy to content before the members who do not have VIP status will be.